Bullying is a shockingly common phenomenon which begins in the schoolyard and goes viral on social media. Filmmaker Eef Hilgers lends a platform to a seldom-heard voice, as 13-year-old Rosalie paints a picture of persistent psychological torment, which ends up tainting even the former sanctuary of her own bedroom. By speaking up about it and trading stories with other victims over the internet, she slowly recovers her self-esteem.

Written and directed by: Eef Hilgers

Editing: Daan Wijdeveld

Music: Stan Koch & Maarten Buning

Colour Correction: Thomas Vroege
Sound Design: Ranko Paukovic
Creative producer: Willem Baptist

Producer: Nienke Korthof
Co-producers: Kiyomi Molin & Sharona Buijert
Commissioning Editor: Margje de Koning

Produced by: Tangerine Tree

Screened at: Cinekid 2018 // IDFA 2018 // Berlinale 2019

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